Music by Daniel

The Star-Spangled Banner

Solo for Tenor Ukulele

by Daniel Mortenson

Fix You

Coldplay Cover

by Daniel Mortenson

O My Father

Solo for Tenor Ukulele

by Daniel Mortenson

Wistful Winter

Solo for Baritone Ukulele

by Daniel Mortenson

Refractions (Deluxe Edition)

Solo Piano Album

About Refractions

I wrote and recorded Refractions the summer after I graduated from High School. In each track, I did my best to project certain scenery and emotions into the music. I wrote most of the pieces the same day I recorded them, so there are mistakes and improvisations.

Unset-Take One

Piano Single

About Unset

Unset is a project I’ve been working on sporadically since I’ve returned home early from my mission in Colombia. It reflects the uncertainty and mental turmoil I was experiencing in that time.

Mourning Breaks

Suite for Classical Ukulele

About Mourning Breaks

Mourning Breaks was my biggest project of my first semester at BYU. My goal was to take what I was learning about romantic-era musical structure and apply it to the Ukulele. I wrote Mourning Breaks to describe the process of repentance and improvement. In the first movement, Fracture, the subject makes mistakes and hits rock bottom. The second movement, Depths, is all about the emotions that he feels afterward, as he realizes what he has done. In the third movement, Mend, he starts to pick himself up, unsteadily. He feels hope for a better world and emerges into the light, and the Mourning and the Morning, break.