Instrument Bios



Age 4

“One uke to rule them all…”

Dirk was the 2nd Ukulele Daniel bought. He was born in the depths of Mount Doom, which reflects his inner fire and resilience in the face of much strumming. His solid spruce top lets the entire world know that he is not willing to back down, and the simplicity of his design reflects his versatility and reliability in the most difficult of situations. He’s like your friend, you know, Brad, the one that you can always count on to come in clutch. For what he lacks in frills, Dirk makes up for in volume and tone, and his scars bear witness that he’s not one to back away from even the roughest of ukulele duels. He received the “most likely to be carried around by Daniel everywhere” award 3 years in a row. But he wouldn’t brag about it. Ever